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As winter season continues on and the days get colder, I find people begin to think of travel: warmer places, tropical beaches, and spring trips. My inbox fills up much more than normal with questions on where to escape to, what to see, and things to do.

But there is always a common theme to these emails: people want to avoid the “touristy” stuff. They want to avoid the crowds and see the local side of a city.

”I don’t want to go to Paris. It’s too touristy. Where else can I go that is like it but without the crowds?”

I wince when I see statements like this. I understand the desire to explore places and find hidden gems. We want a peek at the local life. We want to be Indiana Jones and feel like we‘re discovering and experiencing something new, not simply joining a horde of other tourists and purchasing into mass consumption.

It’s good to see something different and explore what hasn’t been Disneyfied for tourists. but this idea that simply because a place is popular it’s become “too touristy” and thus ruined is….well, crap.

Paris is not touristy.

Neither is new York City.

Or Bangkok.

Or Cairns.

Or any other city in the world.

No place in the world is “too touristy.”

The problem isn‘t the destination — the problem is where you’re going when you’re there. The only thing that’s touristy are the spots you choose to see. The beaten path is beaten because it’s popular and everyone wants to see it. Why do the crowds clutter around the Eiffel Tower? because it’s amazing. Why do people flock to Times Square? because it’s iconic.

But if you’re sick of tourists and want a “local feel,” all you have to do is avoid those spots. venture away from the crowds. odds are good that you won’t find them a few blocks over. 90% never stray off the path. To say a city of millions of people is “touristy” is to focus on the traveler spots and then say that the whole city/country/region is like that.

And that’s just not true.

I live in new York City. each day thousands of tourists wander its streets. I rarely notice them. I rarely see them. Γιατί; because I’m not walking around Times Square, clamoring to see the wall street bull, or combating my way around the Met.

Instead, I hang out in my local neighborhoods and shops that many tourists won’t ever find or go to. My pals and I just live in this city and go where we know to go. I in some cases forget that nyc is one of the most significant traveler destinations in the world because in my day to day life I’m not involved in that side of a city.

If you‘re only going to the most well-known sights, you’ll find any place touristy. walk away from that area and head down a back alley and into a new neighborhood, and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by locals and experiencing local life.

Next time you wince whatsoever the tourists, look at your surroundings. Are you in a famous, highly popular area? if so, change where you are. Don’t skip the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, and make sure to walk the Champs-Élysées.

But then keep walking — you’ll leave behind the crowds who will never venture past that one block, and you’ll be totally free to explore new, untouristy areas all by yourself.

And once you start doing that, you’ll never call any city touristy ever again.

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