The bad Traveler‘s past couple of years had been all about worldwide travel. We had been hectic hopping from one country to another, collecting passport stamps, as well as producing travel guides for mainly European as well as Oriental cities. however as soon as 2017 stepped in, we understood it was time to “come back home,” so to speak. This year, we agreed to shift the focus back to the Philippines, see regional islands that we’ve been missing out on, as well as revisit those that have been familiar. For us, 2017 is all about the Philippines.

One of the jobs we had been working on over the past few months is a video series called “The beach List,” in which we function one Philippine island per episode. The idea of the show is simple. We always hear that the Philippines is composed of over 7000 islands (7641, last count). One day, we thought, if we function one island per week, it’s going to take us nearly 150 years to finish. Normally, the concept of not being able to see the job up until the extremely end would dishearten us, however we realized we might most likely pass the job on to our sons as well as daughters in the future. as well as the earlier we begin, the sooner we total it. There was nothing else delegated do however to begin counting!

So it began. We produced a short listing of the very first destinations we desire to feature. The islands of Batanes were a shoo-in. Zamboanga’s Pink beach seemed mighty interesting! as well as Biri Island was absolutely “unskippable.”

We were on the final stages of planning when this happened:

At that moment, we felt as though the stars had aligned. We were on a objective to discover the most interesting as well as special islands, as well as Cebuana Lhuillier is figured out to verify that they are present in four corners of the Philippines! It’s an chance that was as well great to pass up. We are going to do this, even if it indicated we would have to decrease by a Cebuana branch to pick up our funds. It’s quite helpful for us as well since this indicates we would understand where to go in situation we requirement to send or get cash, pay Web bills, or purchase insurance.

Τι καλύπτεται σε αυτόν τον οδηγό;

1. Batan Island, Batanes
2. Sta. Cruz Islands, Zamboanga City
3. San Antonio, Zambales
4. Biri Island, northern Samar
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1. Batan Island, Batanes

The primary island of wonderful Batanes, Batan Island may be little however it’s packed with natural wonders. Hold your jaws in location since each crucial attraction will make them decrease at very first sight. four of the province’s six municipalities are found here: Mahatao, Ivana, Uyugan, as well as the funding Basco. The island’s vacationer areas are grouped into two tours: North as well as South. Both excursions will bombard you with breathtaking views such as of the Vayang Rolling Hills, the Tayid Lighthouse, Marlboro Country, as well as Mt Iraya. however the most compelling for me are the boulder beaches.

In 400 AD, Mt. Iraya erupted as well as scattered andesite rocks around Basco, from the fiery digestive tracts of the earth. The mighty wind from the Pacific pushed the waves to lap the rough rocks, polishing it in the process. The result: boulder beach that we now phone call Valugan (East) as well as Chadpidan (West).

Nearest Cebuana Lhuillier Branch:
Abad street Branch in Basco.
We chosen up our funds for this leg on Day 1. found along Abad Street, which is commonly thought about the center of the town as well as its market street. Strategic! If your inn or homestay is in Basco town center (and the significant majority of them is here), then it’s quickly easily accessible for you.

2. Sta. Cruz Islands, Zamboanga City

From Batanes, we flew by means of Manila to Zamboanga City. Our target: Pink Beach!

Yes, pink! Well, just to handle your expectations, it is not bright pink. From afar, it appears like your normal white beach however the pink glow becomes a lot more evident as you come closer. Fringing an edge of Sta. Cruz Grande Island (Great Sta. Cruz Island), the pink bits are pulverized red organ-pipe corals (Tubipora musica) swept to the shore. as well as yes, you’ll likewise see these bright red corals in the lively reef nearby.

But Sta. Cruz Grande Island is a lot more than just its pastel shore. It likewise cradles a lagoon that is bursting with biodiversity. You can trip a boat as well as take a guided excursion around the lagoon as well as satisfy the lots of terrific creatures that phone call it home, such as the (stingless!) upside down jellyfish! You can likewise row a vinta!

When you get to the city, get to understand its history, written on the lots of monuments scattered around. Don’t fail to remember to have a taste of the city’s irresistible cuisine — try the curacha! — as well as shop for local, Indonesian, as well as Malaysian products at the barter market!

Nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch: Oh, we can’t pick just one. There are a number of around the city center alone! lots of of them within walking distance of each other! There’s even one just outside our hotel.

3. Σαν Αντόνιο, Ζάμπαλες

From Zamboanga to Zambales genuine quick!

You may be thinking, what’s so remote about Zambales? True, it may be just a few hours away from Manila, however it’s concealing some quite isolated coves as well as islands that are not that simple to access. No resorts, no Web connection, no cellular signal!

And these beaches are out of the ordinary! They’re strewn not with the normal white sand, however volcanic ash spewed out by the mighty Mt. Pinatubo when it was awakened from its long-time sleep in 1991. Anawangin’s as well as Nagsasa’s coasts utilized to be rocky however was transformed into an ashen beach since. What’s a lot more fascinating is that agoho trees — sea want trees (Casuarina equisetifolia) — have risen from it, dominating the landscape. The result: a tropical paradise that fosters a Boracay-meets-Baguio vibe.

Because these coves are secluded, don’t fail to remember to decrease by San Antonio town appropriate to shop for components for lunch!

Πλησιέστερο υποκατάστημα Cebuana Lhuillier:
San Antonio-Rizal Branch
There are two Cebuana branches in San Antonio as well as they’re not as well far apart. Here, we observed that they’re likewise selling insurance coverage for as low as P40! as well as considering that we were dropping by to get our budget plan for this leg, we bought insurance coverage as well while we were at it.

We likewise identified a number of Cebuana branches along the way. There’s one in Subic, San Marcelino, as well as Castillejos!

4. Biri Island, Βόρειο Σαμάρ

Biri Island is where the seas go to wage war. This is where the San Bernardino Strait combats the mighty. The winds often cheer, often howl as they enjoy from above. The waves, in their determined attempt to flee, lap up the edges of the shore. as well as the land, Biri Island, referees the constant clash. Every punching wave is a stroke of art as well as every gusty storm is a agonizing dash of needed sacrifice — the abuse in art, the appeal in chaos. The result, staggering rock formations that intimidate not just with their immensity but, a lot more importantly, their splendor.

Of all our stops, Biri Island is the most breathtaking. as well as we truly felt like we saved the very best for last! as well as we can’t believe of a much better ending for this crazy journey around the archipelago!

To get to Biri, you will requirement to fly to Catarman as well as take a jeepney or van to Lavezares Port, where boats to Biri are docked.

Πλησιέστερο υποκατάστημα Cebuana Lhuillier:
It’s just ideal by the entrance to the port! as well as since by this time around we had been traveling for 12 days straight, we didn’t recognize that our mobile phone/internet expenses were already due. Thankfully, we can do that by means of Cebuana too!

I have to say: checking out all 4 destinations in only 2 weeks is one of the most exhausting things we’ve done so far. however guy was it worth it! a lot of of our flights were arranged in the early morning so were quite sleepless on the very first day of every leg, however none of it mattered when we lastly caught a look of the beach!

We have a great deal to be thankful for! The weather condition cooperated all the method through: from our Day 1 in Batanes up until the extremely last in Biri Island, so we say thanks to the travel gods for that! We likewise made new friends: from let who enabled us to peek into Ivatan culture, to Errold who took great care of us in Zamboanga, to our excursion guide Kuya Boy, who took us on a trip around Biri. Kuya Boy, your motorcycle may be old as well as dusty, however your pleasant as well as friendly spirit will take you places!

And thanks likewise to Cebuana Lhuillier for the challenge. When we agreed to do this — choosing up our travel budget plan at their branch every leg — we were anxious our travel plan would be ruined. however assumption what. It wasn’t. To be honest, it did not truly feel like a difficulty in any way because, yep, from Batanes down to Tawi-tawi, there’s always a Cebuana Lhuillier close-by anyway!

In 2018, we plan to continue doing this video series, as well as we can’t wait to begin the next set of episodes! We have a lovely country, as well as we can’t wait to browse the four corners of it for a lot more wonders!

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