elegant a trip to PHUKET, THAILAND? below is our newest diy PHUKET travel guide blog with all the suggestions as well as info that we understand about this island destination including trip as well as hotel recommendations, top traveler spots, things to do, as well as a sample PHUKET schedule for your reference.

It was practically midnight when I emerged from the flight terminal terminal. There were no much more buses, only cabs that had been aggressively requiring passengers. however I couldn’t pay for a trip alone. I approached a few of my fellow Pinoy travelers from my flight, however they just looked at me as though I was going to scam them. Χαχαχα. That’s completely understandable. Back home, we’re told as well as taught not to count on strangers at the airport. as well bad, I desperately needed companions to split taxi fares with.

Phuket was the very first stop on my fourth backpacking trip across Southeast Asia, second in Thailand. This time, I’d be going to cities that I skipped the very first time. I wasn’t going to be alone for the whole trip. two buddies would be joining me in Bangkok up until Vietnam. I selected to begin in Phuket to be alone even just for one stop.

Finally, I found two other solo travelers just standing by the taxi line. as well as just like that, I gained new fleeting friends. This is why I missed solo backpacking so much!

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WHERE TO stay IN PHUKETTop budget plan hotels in Phuket
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HOW TO get TO PHUKETBangkok to Phuket
Manila to Phuket
Phuket flight terminal to Phuket City
Phuket flight terminal to Patong, Kata, or Karon Beach

THINGS TO perform in PHUKETPhi Phi Islands as well as Maya Bay
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Patong Beach
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Is Phuket an perfect destination for solo backpacking? indeed as well as no, depending upon why you’re doing it. If you’re traveling alone so you might satisfy other like-minded souls, then yes, it might be a fantastic location for you. If you’re embarking on a solitary journey to chase some peace as well as quiet, hmmm, not quite.

An island off the coastline of southern Thailand, Phuket is the richest province in the country as well as one of the most went to destinations in the Southeast Oriental region. It’s a preferred weekend trip for domestic tourists, a typical stop for cruise ships, as well as a bridge for Bangkok-bound backpackers from Malaysia as well as Singapore.

Here are much more facts about Phuket.

Language: Thai. Their language can be rather daunting to non-native speakers, particularly its prolonged words as well as tongue-twisting pronunciations, however just like every other language, it only intimidates in the beginning. English isn’t commonly spoken, however what the locals lack in English fluency, they comprise for with their friendly mindset toward tourists.

Currency: Thai Baht (THB, ฿). THB100 is approximately USD3, EUR 2.6, PHP 163 (as of June 2018). exchange rates at the flight terminal are bad, so if you have a MasterCard/Visa/Cirrus ATM, just withdraw from one of the numerous machines inside the terminal. If you don’t have one, just exchange sufficient to get you to your hotel.

Modes of payment: Cash. Although some restaurants as well as hotels accept credit rating cards, smaller establishments choose cash.

Safety: Phuket is typically risk-free as well as tourist-friendly. however scams run aplenty, so always be on guard as well as vigilant.

Electricity Info: 220V. Power sockets are types A, B, as well as C. contemporary buildings utilize type B, however old ones utilize types A (two flat prongs) or type C (two round prongs).


It doesn’t look like it on the map, however Phuket is a huge island. getting from one essential attraction to one more can take over an hour, so it’s essential that you pick the best location to stay. For tourists, there are four major areas with lots of lodging options:

Patong Beach. The island’s many established beach. It’s bursting with huge resorts, inns, restaurants, bars, as well as other establishments. If crazy nightlife as well as watersports are what you’re after, stay here.

Karon Beach. The cove to the instant south of Patong Beach. It’s lined with resorts across the road, however it’s nowhere near as crazy as Patong.

Kata Beach. located south of Karon. There are fewer huge resorts right here however it has great deals of guesthouses. It’s much quieter than the other two.

Phuket Town. The island’s economic center, found in the southeastern part of Phuket. Accommodations right here are much less expensive than those along the beaches, which makes it a fantastic choice for budget plan travelers. If you’re after heritage as well as culture, stay here.

The area where you ought to stay depends upon your interests. below are the top-rated properties on Agoda.

Top budget plan hotels in Phuket

Alen Guesthouse. Patong. inspect rates & Availability.

Pennapa Chalet. Chalong. inspect rates & Availability.

La Maison Ya Nui resort Phuket. Naiharn. inspect rates & Availability.

Delish House. Patong. inspect rates & Availability.

The Memory at On On Hotel. Phuket Town. inspect rates & Availability.

Top Phuket Hostels as well as Dorms

Backpack Hostel Kohyaoyai. Koh Yao Yai. inspect rates & Availability.

Shunli Hostel. Phuket Town. inspect rates & Availability.

Goodnight Hostel. Phuket Town. inspect rates & Availability.

Hugger Hostel. Phuket Town. inspect rates & Availability.

Lupta Hostel Patong Hideaway. Patong. inspect rates & Availability.

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Although fairly small, Phuket worldwide flight terminal (IATA: HKT) is Thailand’s second most significant hub as well as second busiest airport. many flights operating right here come from or go to Bangkok as well as other destinations within ASEAN like Kuala Lumpur as well as Singapore. However, during high season, some airlines install flights from Australia or Europe.

Bangkok to Phuket

There are three methods to reach Phuket from Bangkok: by plane, by bus, or by train.

Με αεροπλάνο. inexpensive carriers Nok Air as well as AirAsia offer the most affordable Bangkok-Phuket flights. You can discover fares for only around ฿1000, excluding meals, baggage allowance, as well as other fees. travel time: 1.5 hours.

Με το τρένο. There are no direct trains from Bangkok to Phuket. What you can do is take the train to Surat Thani instead, as well as from there, travel by bus for the rest of the trip. The train part takes 8 hours. The bus, around 5 hours. I haven’t done this myself, so I can’t state if it’s advisable or not.

Με λεωφορείο. This I’ve tried. The bus is the cheapest. The downside, it takes 13 to 16 hours, depending upon traffic. the public bus (BKS bus) is typically okay, however since it’s a loooong ride, you may want to be much more comfortable. personal business like Phuket Travel, Phuket Central, as well as Bus reveal offer trips for only ฿643 per person. Reservations are possible as well as suggested in top season. Reserve a Ticket Here.

Whether you want to travel by train or by bus, you can book through 12Go below. 12Go is bus- as well as train-booking service specializing in Southeast Oriental destinations.

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